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Raman Group Founded in September 21, 2018. Now, also Raman Group is working in the field of Scientific Projects and Network_Based Projects to expand its activity fields.
In the beginning the main goal was helping students who like to participate in Olympiad and reliable scientific competitions (in particular the Chemistry Olympiad) but further the group began to work in the field of Iran National University Entrance Exam preparation and in general, group decided to work widely in education and holding national and International self-development courses.
We can note that Raman Group opened its offices in Tehran - at Tehran University of Medical Sciences as the most reliable university in Iran - and Italy.

Educational Groups

Raman Group

Raman Group started working by holding preparation exams in Olympiad and National University Entrance Exam. Raman Educational Group and Raman+ still working in the field of preparing students and young scholars and our goal is improving level of education in Iran and other countries which we have collaborations with them. Tesseract Project is our latest educational program which have been co-founded by some of board members of Raman Group and the goal of this project is connecting talents in different universities together to they talk about different topics and we hope this project help university students to become multi-dimensional.

Raman Accelerator

Raman Group

We founded Raman Accelerator unit and it's office at Tehran University as oldest and most reliable university in Iran. Our goal in this department and group is helping creative ideas to grow as well as possible. This growth may be with help of investment or high level scientific validations in Iran and European countries. The projects and ideas may be industrial effiecient or only have good scientific uses, considering our connection with university and our investors and industrial units we help these ideas to grow and become patent and help both country and creative people.


International Projects

Raman Group

Raman Group has great scientific and educational projects in International level as well as our national projects. Collaborating with international groups such as Libertas and Larix let us to hold international short-term courses in different countries such as Netherland, Austria, Russia and Iran, and International Meetings and confrences which the first of them was 2nd world congress on nano technology and material science which holded at Dubai in collaboration with Larix international. We start our courses in different fields in Iran which are validated by singaporean and malaysian universities, so soon.

Scientific Projects

Raman Group

One of our important scientific projects is Great Herbal Project. One of the biggest projects in the field of herbal medicine is now running under the supervision of pharmacy and herbal medicine experts in Raman Group. The name of this project is Great Herbal Project (known as GHP) and we hope to finalize the classification of all plants and herbal medicines in Iran within our defined deadlines.

Network-Based Projects

Raman Group

Our experts in Computer Science and Engineering including some of our board members are trying to develop web based applications to connect students and people who need help in different fields (focusing on scientific topics) to experts and teachers and professors. We hope to solve the students problems with our applications and web based projects within shortest time possible

Raman Group


Raman Group Achievements

In the field of Olympiad, Raman held 6 exams (with more than 800 participants from all over the Iran) in the first year of its activity and directed 4 effective and great mini lecture books in the field of chemistry Olympiad. It's an important note that the most of Raman Exams is free for participating just for developing science in Iran and other countries which Raman has cooperations with them. Raman Olympiad preparation exams was greatly appreciated by many national Olympiad committees of different countries. Collaboration with Larix Internationl for holding 2nd world congress on nano technology and material science which will be hold at Copthorne Hotel, Dubai, UAE on Feb 26-27 2020.

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